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GSA SER tutorial

Here we have provided best practices for GSA SER, which you should use along with our service to get the best result out of your GSA search engine ranker and GSAserlists. Let’s dive into our GSA SER tutorial.

GSAserlists Dropbox setup

You don’t have to own a Dropbox premium account to use our service. Register for one free Dropbox account if you don’t have one already.

You will be notified by Dropbox when your Email is added to our Dropbox folder. It usually takes 1-12 hours after your purchase is made.

First of all, you need to install the Dropbox windows application on your Server/VPS. Click here to install it from their official website.

After installation is completed, Open Dropbox and sign in to your account.

After you are logged in, click “Next.”

Then choose “Make files local” and click Continue.

Then, you may skip backing up your PC. Simply click “Not Now.”

Confirm that by clicking on “Continue to Dropbox.”

Now head over to your Dropbox web and click on “Shared” through the left menu. Hover over the GSAserlists folder. You should see the “Add” button. Click on that.

Confirm your request by clicking on “Add to Dropbox,” and we are ready to go.

Now click on the Dropbox icon in the Windows Taskbar (System Tray). The status should be “Syncing.”

Wait until Dropbox downloads and syncs all files and folders. It may take up to 20 minutes based on your internet connection and server/VPS specs.

Please note: You should keep the Dropbox windows application open to let us deliver our updates directly in your SER.

Let’s start setting up SER while the files are getting synced.


Make sure your Target URL Cache is cleared

a. Highlight all of your projects

b. Right-click the selection, then select Modify Project and click Delete Target URL Cache

Then, follow the below configurations:

GSA SER global options

We will go through GSA search engine ranker global options in this section. These settings have a high impact on the performance of your SER.

Submission tab

gsa ser submission settings

Threads to use:

Your server/VPS resources and the number of your proxies determine the maximum threads you can use.

10 threads per proxy is a wise choice. So with 50 proxies, you can set your threads to 500.

But also, you have to check your server/VPS resource usage through the task manager. Run all of your software and monitor CPU and Memory usage. Find the sweet spot by raising and lowering the number of threads.

Automatically decrease threads on CPU usage above

Check this option and set it to 90 – 95 percent.

If your server/VPS CPU is powerful, you can ignore this option. Also, if you find the best number of threads to use based on your server/VPS resources, you will never reach this threshold.

Automatically decrease threads on Memory usage above

Bear in mind that GSA SER is a 32-bit windows software, so it can not use more than 3 GB of your memory.

So regardless of how much RAM your server/VPS has, check this option and set it to 2800 – 2900 MB

HTML timeout

set the HTML timeout to 180 seconds and make sure you are not losing the backlinks from low-speed websites.

Use Proxies

definitely! You should use proxies along with your SER software to get the most out of it.

It’s highly recommended to use Private Proxies.

Don’t waste your time with free proxies as they’re alive for a limited time, and you always have to search for them while others are doing the same, and it slows down everything.

Set your proxy settings according to the above image. Then click on “Configure” and add your Private proxies here. Don’t forget to toggle your proxies as Private Ones. It should look like this:

gsa ser proxy

After you have added your private proxies, Click on “Test Proxies” and test them all against “ProxyJudge URL” to make sure they are working fine.

In the Options Tab, set everything like the below picture:

gsa search engine ranker proxy settings

To buy our recommended dedicated proxies, head over to the “Recommended services” section.

Captcha tab

gsa ser captcha settings

You need to have captcha solvers to be able to post to many websites. You can use captcha services here as well, but we recommend adding GSA Captcha Breaker as your first and XEvil as your second captcha solver [Cheapest method with High captcha solving rate].

Set GSA Captcha Breaker Retry to 2 and XEvil to 3. You can set your XEvil settings based on below picture:

XEvil gsa ser

Indexing tab

ser indexing config

Use nowadays Indexing methods to force your backlinks to get indexed. We don’t recommend using SER indexing services as they slow down SER and are ineffective. So uncheck everything in this tab.

Note: Many indexing services are not working these days. If you are thinking about buying those services, first check the service quality.

Filter tab

filter gsa ser settings

It’s Important to skip submissions to blacklisted URLs. So Enable this option here and Select all.
Also, set the “maximum size of a website to download” to 50 MB.

Advanced tab

This is where you have to configure GSAserlists into your SER.

Set your GSAserlists desired folders as Identified and Failed ones, such as “All Scraped Urls” and “Submitted Targets” Folders (These should be unchecked the same as the above picture).

Also, If you want to make your own submitted and verified lists from our Link Lists, check Submitted and Verified and choose your own folders.

You Need to Restart your SER after changes are made.

Then you have to go to each Project’s Options tab and check “Use URLs from global site lists if enabled” and check “Identified” and “Failed” as well.
All Search engines should be unchecked.
To get higher LPM & VPM, use 'Verified Targets' and 'Submitted Targets' Folders.

GSA CB and XEvil configurations

Now we will focus on GSA Captcha Breaker and XEvil configurations.

Go to GSA Captcha Breaker’s Options. In the “Simulate/Emulate” tab, uncheck “run as Webserver”. You don’t need to activate this option if you are using GSA CB with your SER.

In the “settings” tab, set the options the same as the below picture:

gsa cb settings

You can lower the percentage of “Only try to solve if success rate is at least” to 50 – 60.

We want to use GSA Captcha Breaker just for easy and high success-rate captchas, and we will pass the others to our second captcha service (XEvil), which is more accurate in solving captchas. GSA Captcha Breaker is much faster with SER, and also, it can solve some captchas which XEvil can’t. That’s why we are using CB as our first captcha solving service. But if CB isn’t successful at breaking that captcha, It will be passed to XEvil.

To use XEvil, you need to run XRumer first. then head over to the settings tab and click on “+Hosts” while you have chosen “Antigate (Anti-Captcha).”

You can set your settings like the below picture:

XEvil 4 settings

Also, you need to activate “Enable ReCaptcha-2 module” and set your proxy settings on the right side, as it’s shown in the below picture:

xevil recaptcha settings

We highly recommend using backconnect proxies for ReCaptcha solving. You will have one new proxy per each request with these types of proxies.

Project settings

We will cover project settings in this section. let’s dive into it

Where to submit

Selecting more engines results in more LPM/VPM.

If you are facing the below alert, it may be because of not selecting enough engines.

No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no URL extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)

We recommend Tiered Link building. You need to have High-Quality backlinks on Tier 1, which point to your money site, and then build backlinks to them, which makes your Tier 2. Tier 3 is building all types of backlinks pointing to your Tier 2 links.

You can find the complete guide here.

Options tab

Activate “Pause the project for.”

Once SER reaches this limit, it will automatically stop building more backlinks for that project. Don’t build more than 20 – 30 backlinks if you are building them directly to your money site.

Activate “Ask user/services in custom mode.”

Check the above option and then click on [Edit Captcha settings].

You can see that the settings are the same as what we have set before. Here you just have to check “Skip Hard Captchas” for GSA Captcha Breaker and save.

Set the other options the same as the above picture and then head over to “How to get Target URLs”

All search Engines should be unchecked.

Right-click on the “Search Engines to use” box and select “Check None.”

Activate “Use URLs from global site lists if enabled”

select Identified and Failed to use GSAserlists in this project. You also can use your own-made lists by selecting Submitted and Verified.

Deactivate the “Use URLs linking on same verified URL” option.

Deactivate the “Analyze and post to competitor backlinks”option.

Activate the “Skip sites with more than outgoing links on one page” option.

You can set this option between 60 – 100. The more close to 100, the more backlinks can be built. You also can disable this option in your Tier 3.

Activate the “Avoid posting to sites just IP and no domain” option

You can deactivate this option for less important projects

Activate the “Skip sites where the following words appear” option unless you are configuring your Tier 2 and 3 campaign.

Deactivate the “Skip sites from the following countries” option.

Deactivate the “Skip sites in the following languages” option.

E-mail verification tab

gsa ser email settings

Use 5 – 10 Emails per project. You don’t have to import many Emails as it takes a lot of resources.
We highly recommend using
catchall emails along with some Gmail and Yahoo mails.

To buy our recommended catchall emails, head over to the “Recommended services” section.

You can set the other options the same as the above picture.